Monday, December 22, 2008

Donate usable items before the end of the year!

It is that time of year to donate your usable, unwanted items to charities. Today we are taking several boxes full of usable, good quality items that we don't need to Deseret Industries. Here are some helpful hints for donating:
  1. Make sure that the items are usable...that means in good working condition. I know that Deseret Industries has to throw out a lot of trash that people bring in. If it is trash, then put it out in your own garbage can!!
  2. Donate clothing items that are clean. Put them in the wash first if needed. Charities do not wash clothing first before selling it.
  3. Check with your local charity first if you are uncertain about what they accept and for their donation acceptance times.
  4. Be generous. If you still have items that you have used in years, and aren't likely to use it in the years to come, then give it away. Maybe someone else needs it!
  5. If you want a tax deduction, make sure you get a receipt for your donation and make a list of the items you donated. Keep this information with your important tax records. Your tax preparer will appreciate it!