Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Kitty homemade flower arrangement

A young adult friend of the family is a huge Hello Kitty (HK) fan. My son took her to her High School Prom, so I made up a little flower arrangement with a HK theme. Here in St. George we have a Harmon's grocery store, and they have a nice floral department. For about $8 you can get a nice little bouquet of flowers. I brought the bouquet home, and "accessorized" it. I started with some HK stickers, and put them on some card stock. I punched these out with a hole punch, used some glue dots and stuck the punch-out to a bamboo skewer (used for BBQ), and put them in the flowers. You can cut the skewer to be the height you want.

I also put a stick on a hang tag, and tied it to the mason jar (cheap vase!)

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Kristy Lou said...

Really cute idea!!