Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad Pug

DH gets up earlier than I do, and feeds the dogs. He takes care of this doggy chore Monday through Friday since he gets to the office early. I take over on the weekend, when he prefers to sleep in. Anyway, I get up, get DS #4 up so he can get ready for school. I look out the window to see where the dogs are.......because they have been naughty lately. I know, you're thinking, what possibly could my sweet little pug be doing that is so bad?

It all started with the grapes. My dogs are addicted to the ripe, sweet grapes on the back fence. Luigi (the Italian Greyhound) figured out that he could "climb" a bush, get on the wall, and get to MORE grapes hanging on the other side of the fence. Well, you see that bush to the left of the water feature? That is the shrub that is providing freedom to my dogs. (Note to self: GET THE TRIMMER TOOL OUT THIS WEEK)

Look closely at the picture and you will see our problem dog......yep, that's him, sitting on the top of the wall. (Click on the picture for a closer look at this bad boy!) A side note here....there is a road behind our house that has lots of fitness buffs running, walking and riding bikes up the canyon. There are lots of cars that use this road with the peak period being in the morning and then again in the evening. I haven't gotten pug a city license yet (or Luigi for that matter) and he isn't wearing his collar. He is microchipped however. I am not a totally irresponsible pet owner and we've only been here for less than 2 months....(OK, note to self: LICENSE THE DOGS WITH THE CITY)

DH said that he stood sentry like this for 20 minutes, and he thought it was funny so he didn't make Pug come down from the fence. I'll never get this dog trained because DH just encourages the bag pug behavior....that's another post.