Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A dog's Life

DS #4 is home from school, day # 2, and is a little bored. I was taking pictures of me preparing a recipe, when he took off with the camera and decided to take some pictures of the dogs. Picture number one is of the lovely Pug. Don't you just love this mug? The only person who has been able to get the dogs to sit still for a picture is DS #4.

Picture number 2 is of Luigi, our Italian greyhound, or IGGY as they are known for short. Both dogs are 4 years old.

Luigi is like a refined butler, and pug is like a couch potato, snack eating slob. Pug could eat without stopping for days, but we don't let him. Pugs gets his "weight control" Purina One measured out each morning in a bowl. Luigi gets his food measured also, but his is high protein.

Luigi looks like he could be royalty, whereas Pug looks like.....

.......we think that pug looks like Yoda in the movie Star Wars....maybe that is where they came up with Yoda, by looking at a pug dog. Pug also looks a bit like ET.

I'm beginning to feel a bit like Luigi here, yawning and wanting to nap.

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