Saturday, October 4, 2008

Urban Renewal....the store!

One of my favorite stores in St. George is Urban Renewal. It is a home decor/clothing store. There is enough very cool second hand stuff to peak my interest and some new items as well. If you are tired of your own decor items, you can take them there and sell them on consignment. When I was decorating my Mapleton home to sell, I found some items here that were perfect and they were very reasonably priced. They also sell furniture that has been previously used but in good condition. This picture is of the back of the store...the front would have made a better picture, but there was so much traffic yesterday (St. George Marathon being run today).

I saw this wonderfully shabby chic section of fencing and really wanted to buy it, but talked myself out of it. I really have no place to put it. I think you could make a very cool headboard for a twin bed out of one section. If you ever watch HGTV, you have probably seen them do something like that with old fencing.

Anyway, if you ever travel to St. George, Utah, you really should check out Urban Renewal. No, I don't know the owner or anything like that! But now that I think about it, it might be a great place to get a part time job!


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I want to drive down there just to go there! I am so into shabby chic - old things new stuff right now it's CRAZY!!! We have been talking about pulling the trailer down there to get in one more camping trip before winter. If we come down there we'll have to get together!!

desertdiva said...

sherri. I'd love to see you!