Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pug plays Phase 10 or something funny for Floy

Sunday is a day where we have our young adult children over for dinner (they are welcome any time, but Sunday evening they are usually available). After dinner, we gathered for a game of Phase 10. Pug decided that he wanted to get in on the game.

Now, lest you think that he really likes to play cards, DH had a little cup of dog kibble, and he would put a piece or two up on the table. Pug is so food oriented, that at one point, he nearly jumped up on the table. It was easy to get him so that he looked like he was playing cards.

Pug is a very funny dog. What will he learn next? My friend Floy wanted me to share something funny ......does this count, Floy?! Does your dog do anything funny? Post a comment and share one of your funny dog (or pet) stories.

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