Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twenty Five Main, St. George, UT ...Cupcakes!

DS #4 had his group cello performance group this morning. This gave me the perfect opportunity to scope out some businesses in St. George this morning, and go to the farmer's market (see my other blog... for the farmer's market report). Anyway, I was driving on Main St. to the farmer's market and noticed this little shop....Twenty Five Main....with a sign that said "cupcakes". OK, maybe you are unaware of how popular cupcakes are lately. I was just checking some food blogs the other day, and came across a cool web site for a mini cupcake store in SLC, so I was motivated to stop and check out Twenty Five Main.

They were just putting the trays of cupcakes out when I arrived. They have a cupcake menu for the week.....hmmmmm....which one should I choose?? Decisions.... I finally picked the banana breadcake. I took it outside and took a bite....oh yea, it was more than was cupcake heaven! I went back inside and took this picture of the cupcakes....are you drooling yet?

I bought 6 more for tonight's dessert. I got 3 peanut butter cup and 3 chocolate strawberry. This place is also a restaurant. The menu looks good, and they had did have tables filled with customers. I will have to check it out for a meal, but for right now, the cupcakes are good enough for me!
Check out their web site:

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