Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bad Outlet? Corn Festival!

What do Bad Outlet, Candy Cabin, Forbidden Doughnut and Too Much Fun Plus One all have in common? These were some of the bands playing tonight at the Enterprise, Utah Corn Festival.

Now that I have your attention, I'll tell you all about the BIG day in Enterprise. It is a big day in the little town of Enterprise. The day begins early with wagon rides, flea market type booths, sales of corn (at various locations in town), small town carnival type rides, yard sales, etc.

We were hungry when we arrived and found this quaint little booth that sold roasted corn on the cob. Check out the cool banner.

Once you pay your $3, the able staff grabs a cob of corn, wraps a napkin around the bottom where the roasted husk has been folded down, and proceeds to dip that corn on the cob into a nice pot of melted butter (yum). You can then go to a table where there is salt and pepper, parmesan cheese and a bunch of other seasonings to sprinkle onto your corn.

The picture below shows the roaster. They place the corn (in the husk) into this huge roaster machine. The girl on the right takes it out and folds the husk back, then it is ready to sell and dip into butter.

Around 6 pm there is a dutch oven dinner. They served some kind of meat, dutch oven potatoes cooked with bacon, rolls, cake and of course, corn on the cob. The production of the meal takes place in the pavillion (pictured below). A huge line forms once the crowd is given the word that the grub is ready. It smelled pretty yummy. We passed on the dutch oven, having decided that we wouldn't be staying long.

We weren't going to stay long, but sat in the shade to listen to a few bands that were playing. By band number 2, we were ready to blast out of there, but band #3 turned out to be quite good. Bad Outlet was their name, and we were impressed with how good they were. They were young in age but were quite professional and had great stage presence for such a young band. They are from St. George. The bands got progressively better. I especially enjoyed Forbidden Doughnut, a band from Cedar City. The band consisted of accountants and a truck driver. Now, unfortunately, my dear husband has decided that he, being an accountant, should be able to form his own band. Guess he'll have to learn how to sing first, LOL. He does play piano, so maybe he'll be on the keyboard!! Anyway, our dear 15 year old son (16 next week) was grumping about the entire "adventure", and criticized the first 2 bands (he being a guitarist and a band member prior to our move) but by band #3 he was not wanting to leave. We were enjoying the music by then until a band called "Typhus" came on. By the end of the screamo band's first number, I turned to look at my husband because I thought I was going to bust a gut, and I wish I could've captured the look on his face. Best described as "what the heck was that"! We left for home after that.

So, now we're home. Soon to be birthday boy is playing his electric guitar hooked up to his "small" amp with the sound level below ear piercing. Next year he is planning on having a band that will play at the Enterprise Corn Festival.
I have 3 dozen ears of corn, and look forward to corn on the cob for Sunday dinner tomorrow night! Our three older sons will show up for dinner and make quick work of gobbling down most of that corn.


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!! I love festivals!!!

Jenny said...

Holy Cow I was there too!! My sister lives in Enterprise. So I went down to the corn festival! What a small world!