Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fun at the Farmer's Market

What a fun morning I've had so far! I walked the dogs over in the wash area. They loved it of course. It was cooler this morning, in the 70's, so it was easier on Pug.

I got myself ready and headed out the door with my Ikea bag. It was filled with ebay packages to take to the post office. I got the packages dropped off, then went across the street to the farmer's market at Ancestor Square in St. George. The market is in a perfect setting. There is a courtyard with trees and plants, and there is plenty of shade. There are a variety of vendors displaying their goods. Besides the fresh produce I saw a variety of handmade items including, aprons, crocheted lace, soaps, dried lavender, plants, flowers, jewelry and bath and body products.

Here is what I purchased today: Zinnias (3/$1)...I got 9 flowers, plums, lettuce/greens, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers (love these!), boysenberries (these are from the original plants brought into Utah by the Mormon I was told), baby eggplants (can't wait to grill these), figs (thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw these babies!), carrots (including the blood red variety), sunflower seed sprouts (if you know me you KNOW that I am a sucker for these tasty sprouts), hummus (made by a cute gal with a nose ring) and fresh, warm flat bread to go with the hummus. Sorry that the flat bread didn't make it into the photo, but I was hungry and it didn't make it home!

I had a delicious breakfast of warm flat bread with hummus, boysenberries and a couple of figs. I am going to have breakfast every Saturday morning at the farmer's market. This is my new resolution and I intend to keep it up, lol!

I bought the tie-dyed onesie from a woman who told me her daughter made them. I can't think of anyone expecting, but thought it would be fun to include this in this week's prize package. It was only $5 and I love supporting kids trying to make a buck.

Well, time for the contest! Drum roll, please! This week's contest will begin now and go through August 13, 08 at 11:59 pm. The winner will come from those posting comments on this post. Tell me about a favorite fruit or vegetable of yours or you can tell me about your local farmer's market and what you like to buy when you go. The prize will be a variety of homemade greeting cards, some fun surprises, along with the tie-dyed onesie I just bought at the farmer's market today! Don't be shy, post your comments! Have a great weekend!


Kerry said...

A favorite vegetable...hmmm, that depends on the season! I guess, since it is summer, my favorite is the beloved TOMATO. I know that seems so boring, but there is just nothing better than a tomato sandwich with mayo. I'm a southerner, what can I say!

I love my farmer's market and usually get eggs, tomatos, squash, whatever fruit is available (figs are in here).

Today I broke out of my norm and bought some handmade soap - Lavendar and Tea Tree!

By the way, I'm hosting a "Farmer's Market Report" Mr. Linky. I'd be thrilled if you'd come by and check it out! Perhaps you'd like to submit this post? Here's the link:

Hope I win!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Great blog!!!

I love fresh summer produce!! Corn on the cob, squash and tomatoes.

We have a Farmer's Market just around the corner - it is small but it seems to be getting bigger each week. We are also spoiled by the great farms around us that all have stands to buy from!!

Ellyn said...

Looks like you got some great stuff. I have always wanted to try these red carrots. They don't sell them here though.

April said...

I just had my first tomato out of my garden for dinner tonight. Yummy! That has to be my favorite.

TwoSquareMeals said...

Our Farmer's Market is fantastic! I get a chocolate croissant there for breakfast every Saturday. Yummm!! My favorite vegetable this time of year is tomatoes, especially the heirloom variety. And I always get whatever fruits I can find. This week it was peaches and some delicious variety of muscadine grapes. I'm expecting baby number 3 and would love the onesie. Hope I win!

I found your blog through Kerry. Thanks for posting your link. I look forward to looking around your site.

Ranee said...

Oh my, favorite vegetable is hard. I love summer corn.

If you want to read about my farmer's market, check out my blog post from yesterday's carnival.

Rjs said...

I'd never heard of sunflower sprouts before, interesting!

Teresa said...

I must agree with Kerry's comment that "it depends on the season"
AND I might add, the location of the market. If I am visiting relatives in WI corn on the cob is my hands down favorite vegetable, who cares that you need yards of dental floss after eating a cob. But just minutes ago I put Yakima valley grown peaches (we live in Seattle) into the dehydrator and they are absolutely delicious. They are the Regina freestone variety.

Kerry said...

Thanks for participating in the Farmer's Market Report! I'll have this up each Saturday (mid-day).

Dee said...

Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon!
Nothin' better than a cold slice of crisp watermelon. My Dad taught me how to "thump" to pick the best one. I am about 95% accurate. I once tried the Hollywood Diet. You ate a melon a day. Whew! I got skinny fast but it was'nt very healthy. Looks like my daughter has a 16 week old "melon" growin' in her belly. It'll be her 2nd. A tie dyed onsie for my "grand melon" would be delicious! Dee

desertdiva said...

OK, I have 2 winners! Dee and twosquaremeals are the official winners! I'll contact you both for your addy's! Thanks everyone for participating and look this Saturday for another contest!