Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great farmer's market haul today!

Wow, what a wonderful selection today at the farmer's market in downtown St. George, Utah! I am impressed with the quality as well as the prices. Today I was able to find several items that will be thoroughly enjoyed this week. First of all, I just love the sunflower sprouts from a grower in Veyo. They come to the market every week. I am a regular customer. Gotta have my sunflower sprouts. I have been unsuccessful in sprouting my own......atleast they don't look as good as these. I also purchased some sweet pea sprouts, which are so delicious in a salad or on a sandwich. I like to use the sunflower sprouts in my egg white omelets, with a bit of shredded cheese.

The next great purchase was this bag of stir fry vege mix. Just a buck for this nice little variety of squash, snap peas, carrots, broccoli flowerettes and a pepper. All organic.

Maybe the best buy of the day was for the wonderful lemon cucumbers (behind the orange tomatoes in the picture below). They were only 20 cents each. I love this variety. I cut them up and serve them with a sandwich for "chips". You'll also notice the wonderful array of tomatoes. I got the orange romas to use in the stir fry I'll make for dinner tonight. The yellow tomatoes will be served with tomorrow's dinner. I'll slice them and serve them with some baked chicken, zucchini patties, green beans (pressure cooker prepare with a great recipe from Martha Stewart...I'll post it later) and corn I froze from last week's corn festival. Gotta load up on the veges when they are in season. Besides, I bought some fresh pies for dessert. DS#4 wanted pie instead of cake for his birthday celebration.

The almonds here are soft shelled. I'll put them on a tray to dry out further but we will eat them raw, unroasted. They are easy to get out of the shell. Almonds are good for your heart, eat a few every day!

Here is the total haul! Doesn't it make a lovely picture! Have a great day at your farmer's market or in your garden. My friend Joyce tells me that they are loving the canteloupes from their family garden. I of course am jealous because homegrown canteloupes are the absolute best! I did get some really wonderful ones this week at Smith's for $1 each...not a bad price! By the way, to get a close look at the pictures, just put your curser over the picture and click. Have a great day! check out this link for more farmer's market reports!


TwoSquareMeals said...

Looks lovely. We had a good market day here, too. By the way, thanks for the fun package. The cards were lovely.

Kerry said...

I've never seen soft-shelled almonds! They sound wonderful. And your tomatoes look delicious - actually, everything does. :)

Thanks for participating in the Farmer's Market Report! Next week's will be up on Saturday morning.