Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pug and Luigi feast on grapes!

In the backyard we have a huge patch of grapevines. These are an untamed mess along the back fence. I have attempted to trim some of this back, because since Pug and Luigi discovered the grapes, they have been pigging out!

So, here are the culprits, Pug and Luigi! In case you are wondering, Pug is an AKC pug dog and Luigi (DS#1 named him when he was a puppy) is an AKC Italian greyhound. Together, they look like mutt and jeff! Pug does better in cooler weather, and actually loved playing in the snow at winter time. Luigi loves the heat and will allow himself to bake in the hot sun....he can't get enough of the heat. Why did we settle on these two breeds of dogs? Well, my DH wanted a pug, and I wanted an indoor dog that didn't shed. We got two dogs that shed and that are exact opposites of each other. But, we love them. My DS's love them. And, they are SOOOOO funny.

When they aren't barking at someone walking their dogs, lately they have been busy eating grapes. At first, I realized that they shouldn't be eating grapes, that they might be deadly. This was after they had eaten tons of grapes. After the days and weeks went by and they were still happily eating grapes, I realized that you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Anyway, pug will get up into the grapes and take a whole bunch off of the vine, take them onto the lawn, and begin his gorging session.
Here is a picture of Luigi just feasting off of the plant. That long nose really is a benefit when it comes to grape picking.
Anyway, after trying out a few of the grapes, I've decided that the dogs are enjoying some really yummy treats. I'm going out to harvest the rest of the grapes so that the dogs don't eat any more!


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

You might have some extra returns or something in there.... Go into edit your post and check the html and see if there is something else in there

desertdiva said...

Ok, Sherri, you ARE the woman! I'm really bumping up the goodness of your goody prize! Thanks for being a rockin' cool blogger and mentor!